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Lu, Li; Finegold, Milton J; Johnson, Randy L


The mammalian liver has a remarkable capacity for repair following injury. Removal of up to two-third of liver mass results in a series of events that include extracellular matrix remodeling, coordinated hepatic cell cycle re-entry, restoration of liver mass and tissue remodeling to return the damaged liver to its normal state. Although there has been considerable advancement of our knowledge concerning the regenerative capacity of the mammalian liver , many outstanding questions remaining, such as: how does the regenerating liver stop proliferating when appropriate mass is restored and how do these mechanisms relate to normal regulation of organ size during development? Hippo pathway has been proposed to be central in mediating both events: organ size control during development and following regeneration . In this report, we examined the role of Yap and Taz, key components of the Hippo pathway in liver organ size regulation, both in the context of development and homeostasis. Our studies reveal that contrary to the current paradigms that Yap/Taz are not required for developmental regulation of liver size but are required for proper liver regeneration . In livers depleted of Yap and Taz, liver mass is elevated in neonates and adults. However, Yap/Taz-depleted livers exhibit profound defects in liver regeneration , including an inability to restore liver mass and to properly coordinate cell cycle entry. Taken together, our results highlight requirements for the Hippo pathway during liver regeneration and indicate that there are additional pathways that cooperate with Hippo signaling to control liver size during development and in the adult. PMID:29303509

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Mense, Siegfried; Hoheisel, Ulrich


The aims of the experiments were to: (1) determine whether low-energy shock wave treatment accelerates the recovery of muscle sensitivity and functionality after a nerve lesion; and (2) assess the effect of shock waves on the regeneration of injured nerve fibers. After compression of a muscle nerve in rats the effects of shock wave treatment on the sequelae of the lesion were tested. In non-anesthetized animals, pressure pain thresholds and exploratory activity were determined. The influence of the treatment on the distance of nerve regeneration was studied in immunohistochemical experiments. Both behavioral and immunohistochemical data show that shock wave treatment accelerates the recovery of muscle sensitivity and functionality and promotes regeneration of injured nerve fibers. Treatment with focused shock waves induces an improvement of nerve regeneration in a rodent model of nerve compression. Copyright © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Saving your time with speedy and comprehensivewebsite data reports
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Here is an overview of what we consider to be the key website statistics and information:

What, all that information was not enough? You want... more? Right, then. You asked for it.

As we've mentioned before, traffic is not a key metric. However, the target audience does say a lot about what's been done to optimize the website, as well as what should be done going forwards. Let's see if we have any useful information here.

0.2085 a very good result at least 6 server requests

With over 4 million websites indexed (which can seem as a lot, or very little, depending on your point of view), Alexa is perhaps the oldest and certainly the best known ranking system, deservedly or not. The Alexa Global and Local ranks of a website are based on an approximate amount of visitors a given website receives. The more visitors, the higher the rank. The Alexa rank, be it Local or Global, should be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, visitor count is by far not the simple measure of a website's success it's made out to be. For example, a gardening website is never going to be as popular as a movie review website. It does not mean it's not popular within it's niche.

754 970 place all-time best of 625 418 changed by -2357813 926 457 717 517

Similarly to how a hard drive or a modern SSD device holds your files, a server holds all the files the website needs to operate. To load a webpage, your browser needs to contact the said server and request files - strings of code that make up the website into what it is, including images, text and database entries. Each physical server has a unique IP address that is used by the browser to contact it.

Let's see what technical information we've managed to gather:

Usual domain typos

A good domain address is usually one that is easy to spell, resulting in the smallest amount of mistypes possible. Still, such a thing inevitably happens. Here is a list with the most frequent 1860 mistypes, associated with

Same domain name, different TLD extension

If you are curious about what TLD extensions could also match the domain name of well, we have prepared an extensive list for you to look through:

Corporate Info





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